NT Language Centre Support is supporting organisations and people in Maningrida to digitise video and audio cassettes. These are valuable records of people and events in Maningrida. Digitising means that videos and sound recordings can be copied and edited, and families can watch them.

The digitising project is linked to the NT Library’s Community Stories project. Some of the digitised material will go into Maningrida Community Stories, so that the community can watch it.

NT Library is supporting people and organisations in Maningrida to digitise photographs and documents, and these can also go into Maningrida Community Stories.

See blog post about our October 2014 workshop

Update on the digitising project from March 2015

NT Language Centre support has provided digitising equipment to the Maningrida to use for digitising video and audio cassettes. This equipment is on long term loan.

We have also made some training resources, which are linked from this page.

Digitising VHS (3 films)

Video Digitising equipment setup

Audio digitising equipment setup