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    Gurr-goni people and linguist Rebecca Green celebrated the launch of the Gurr-goni Dictionary at Maningrida College on 14 April 2016

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    The Gurr-goni to English Dictionary Launch will be held on 14 April 2016 at Maningrida College

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    The Gurr-goni to English Dictionary is now complete and will be launched in 2016. Congratulations to Leila Nimbadja, Rebecca Green and all the Gurr-goni people past and present who have contributed their knowledge to this dictionary.

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    Wurrkigandjarr dancer Gary Madjibarreli Smith, ready for a performance at Gulerri.

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    First Languages Australia have released Gambay, an interactive languages map of Australia.

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    Bongberre is a Djinang name for a plant used to make a brush for gathering honey. This is a part of the Mewal story celebrated by the songs of the Wurrkigandjarr people.


    Ndébbana language consultant Marlene Kernan and linguist Jill Vaughan from the Research Unit for Indigenous Language. They are working together on a study of multilingual communication in Maningrida.

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    New Kune language books are currently being prepared at Maningrida College.

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    Cherylanne Nulla, Rowena and Wendy Goborrorr listen to a story from Gun-ngaypa Rrawa, Darwin March 2015.

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    Some of the digitising team at Maningrida College Language and Culture - Stanley, Margaret, Michael (behind), Cindy, Jill, Mason, Mary-Lou and Joseph. Photo: Jill Wigglesworth.

  • Robert Bibora - senior Gopamalija clan leader, senior Yirrichinga  man

    Robert Bibora, of the Gopamalija clan group, holds a copy of the book Gun-ngaypa Rrawa 'My Country', Maningrida 25 March 2015. Photo: Jaya Regan.


    Local languages are used for signs and in teaching resources in Maningrida.


    Maningrida AFL Grandfinal crowd, 2014. Photo: Jill Vaughan

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    Maningrida College has a collection of valuable recordings on audio cassette

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    Part of the Maningrida College audio-visual collection

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    Video digitising setup

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    Putting VHS recordings on computer means that family can watch old recordings of people and events

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    Digitising workshop Maningrida College October 2014 (Photo: Ben Foley)

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    Gurrmurrmul 'paperbark swamp' at Barlparnarra

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Our program works together with people and organisations in Maningrida to support Indigenous languages in north-central Arnhem Land.


Gurr-goni Dictionary Launch

Gurr-goni Dictionary Launch

Apr 21, 2016

The launch began with a smoking ceremony led by An-nguliny man Alwyn Carter, calling the …

Gurr-goni dictionary launch

Gurr-goni dictionary launch

Apr 1, 2016

We are pleased and proud to announce that the Gurr-goni to English Dictionary will be launched on 14 April at Maningrida College in Maningrida.

Mewal films

Mewal films

Dec 4, 2015

Gary Madjibarreli Smith, ready for a dance performance at Gulerri. Photo: Aung Si

We are proud to share our two new films …

Gambay | Interactive languages map

Gambay | Interactive languages map

Dec 1, 2015

First Languages Australia has collaborated with regional language centres to develop Gambay, a map of Australian languages …

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